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3rd Eye®

3rd Eye is a leader in the development of vehicle-born digital tools – that collect operational data from both the chassis and the body. This information is transmitted to the cloud and formulated into information that helps fleet owners make better decisions – faster. We do this by integrated Connected-Collection modules, like our Verif-Eye Positive Service Verification module – that passively transmits service events – as well as commercial container overages – all without a driver having to snap a picture of a service event. 3rd Eye is also a leading provider of safety camera systems and collision-avoidance radar systems. Our Optim-Eyes module also collects chassis and body sensor data to accurately transmit vehicle and body performance data – to ensure that systems are operating at peak efficiencies.

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04/04 - 01PM ET
Live Event

Connected Collections Updates

Join us for this virtual event to see the latest product enhancements related to our Connected Collections offerings! During this time, we will provide updates and demos for the most recent digital updates to the Heil RevAMP eASL, Optim-Eyes for Heil FEL bodies, Verif-Eye Residential Overloads and Site Conditions, as well as updates for Soft-Pak’s […]

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