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Bayne Thinline Premium Lift Sytems

Known for our Thinline® lifter with rack and pinion actuator and state-of-the-art Revolution® HD refuse tipper, Bayne is the industry’s leading supplier of cart tippers and carry cans for the waste industry. Our diverse line of garbage truck lifters is second to none, providing the most reliable line of tippers for Rear Loaders, Side Loaders, Compactors & more. With a wide array of mounting configurations and heights, Bayne has the perfect lifters for virtually any application or budget.

The Bayne series of commercial lifters and industrial lifters offers a complete line of waste lifting products designed for use in factories, hospitals, shopping centers, food processing plants, post offices, universities, and many other material handling applications. Our commercial lifters and industrial lifters are designed specifically to enhance worker safety. These trash lifters can safely and quickly perform the workplace tasks that cause the greatest strain on your employees’ backs and shield them from hazardous and other waste contamination.

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