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Heil® LowRiderTM

The new Heil Half/Pack® LowRider delivers both residential and commercial performance that will change the way fleet owners define productivity and safety.

Hitting the streets at 12″ lower than a standard front loader and tipping the scales at 4,150 lbs. less than a standard Half/Pack, fleet owners can service more customers and pack up to two tons more payload.

Add in Lightning Cylinders and you have a 23% faster container dump cycle when compared to a non-Lightning equipped Heil front loader.

When combined with The Curotto-Can®, the LowRider becomes the most productive residential collection vehicle on the road. With eyes-forward, operators are safer, contamination is identified at the source and no carts are lost. With the ability of the Curotto-Can to handle take-all routes, fleet owners won’t need a second truck to handle bulk collection.

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Heil LowRider
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