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SC2 Self Contained Compactor

The Marathon® RamJet® SC2 units are state-of-the-art in roll-off self-contained compactors, featuring large feed openings and expanded container storage capacity. They are designed to optimize safety for workers, store and transport your waste, prevent contamination of public areas in accordance with public health department requirements, improve working conditions for your employees, and reduce disposal costs.

The redesigned non-rotating cylinders are raised 18″ off the floor to move them further away from any accumulated liquid and debris. Fixed cylinder body, plumbing, and pins are housed in the side pockets, eliminating the need for movement or rotation. This redesign also allows for fewer hoses, which reduces maintenance and repair costs. Open and uncluttered compartment combined with a flat floor and quick removal cleaning ports will save time and facilitate more frequent cleaning, extending the life of internal components. Newly designed cylinders also allow for easy removal at the rear of the compactor.

The SC2 compactor can be customized with a variety of loading arrangements to suit your specific needs.

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