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Route Management Technology that helps fleets make better decisions, faster.

Fleets struggle the moment their equipment touches their customers in areas like over-loaded containers, recycling contamination, blocked containers causing missed pick-ups, identifying container location, failed setouts, and property damage claims. While options for technology inside the cab have grown dramatically over the last decade, fleets are still challenged about how to best track productivity and improve the interface with their customers.

With the 3rd Eye® Verif-Eye module activated in your vehicle, you have the ability to passively collect a time and date stamped image of every service event, or customer touchpoint, providing real-time visibility from the comfort of your office. This is thanks to the 3rd Eye digital gateway – mounted in the cab of the vehicle and connected to the refuse collection vehicle’s network – broadcasting data to the cloud, where it is then compiled and converted into actionable information, allowing fleet owners can use to make better decisions, faster

With Verif-Eye in your fleet’s corner, your drivers drive. It’s what they do best. Your customer service representatives use real-time data to address customer relations. This data allows you to provide immediate customer service. No guesses or “I’ll get back to you later.”

Factual documentation helps avoid hard feelings from end-users when pickups don’t occur for reasons they are unaware of – like a blocked container.

Finally, it allows your back office to accurately collect the activity of your RCV to determine the services provided and bill for special work performed – allowing your fleet to do what it does best.

Verif-Eye and Optim-Eyes™ represent cutting-edge value-added tools – which when joined with quality Heil® refuse collection vehicles and the Soft-Pak™ industry-leading back-office software suite – make up the Connected Collections™ digital strategy – only offered by Environmental Solutions Group®.

Take a moment to watch the videos below to see how Verif-Eye can help lower your Total Cost of Collection, and contact your local 3rd Eye representative for more information.

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